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Which operations can be performed with a Small Scale Operations Permit

1. Simple walling with up to 1 meter (1,00m) stone setting.
2. Land fencing in outside town plan areas.
3. Plot peaks delimitation with fence posts.
4. Framing of doors and windows replacement.
5. Roof reparation.
6. Roof replacement for legal buildings, buildings declared under law 1377/83 and not included in town plans, as well as buildings existing before R.D./9-8-55, provided the total width of the roof does not exceed 7,50m and its height does not exceed 2,00m and as long the existing building’s appearance is improved, in accordance with the Architectural Control Committee authorization, or on photograph provision, provided the existing building’s form is maintained and so long as no reinforced concrete is used.
7. Alterations to the interior of buildings, with no intervention to load carrying members (members made of concrete, load carrying walls, etc) and provided there is no arbitrary change to the use of space according to article 5 from the G.C.C ’85.
8. Soil test sections and excavation, after receiving a document from the Archaeological Service responsible.
9. Construction of stone work tile roof to the cultivated farmlands, with a surface of up to fifteen square meters (15m2) and a total height (roof included) of up to three meters (3,00m), provided no reinforced concrete is used in its roof and constructed regardless of any existing main building, once for every plot of land and after authorization by the Agriculture Directorate responsible.
10. Prefabricated houses installation for returning Pontic Greeks from former Soviet Union countries, up to a hundred and twenty square meters (120m2) and once for each land or plot of land of their property, so long as this is authorized by the Ministry of the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works Directorate responsible for this type of prefabricated house.
11. Prefabricated houses installation aimed for housing special groups, according to programs prepared by P.P.P.W. and the Ministry of Interiors.
12. Prefabricated houses installation aimed for housing special groups, according to programs prepared by P.P.P.W.
13. Pumping facilities and constructions with the minimum possible size to house them, except from when pillars construction is imperative and so long as this is authorized by the Agriculture Directorate responsible.
14. Water drilling in self-owned plots of land that are included in town or settlement plan, or lands outside town plan, with the authorization by the Municipality or Region Directorate.
15. Operations necessary for Geotechnical research, in accordance to the Greek Seismic Design Code, without shoring up operations.
16. The construction of wooden arbor, burners, ovens and fireplaces, in indoor spaces, inner courtyards and terraces, in accordance with the Building Regulation.
17. Small adjustments to the ground with stone up to plus/minus (+/-) 0,30m from the natural ground.
18. Air-conditioning units’ installation in existing buildings, after the authorization of A.C.C. which can be provided based only on photographs of the building. In the cases that air-condition units installation at the buildings’ facade is authorized by the A.C.C., they must not be placed at height less than three meters (3,00m) from pavement level with a suitable run-off prediction for the concentrated vapor, regarding buildings that are on the building line. In any case, noise pollution limits must not be exceeded.
19. Solar water heaters and photoboltaic systems, in accordance to the prerequisites stated in Secretary General of the P.P.P.W. Decision, as amended and valid to this day.
20. The required constructions for the transportation and commute of the disabled persons, in accordance to the existing provisions and with the authorization of the Regional Secretary General.

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