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In order to begin developing an engineering project, the Engineer requires some necessary documents from the property owner.

  • Collection of information regarding the owner and land/parcel:
  • Identity Card/Passport and tax registration information (VAT)
  • Property Titles: Property contract accompanied by its plat and cadastral information, when available
  • Documents regarding the property: For example, any prior permit with its plans, road designs, authorizations from services, etc.

Small scale permit issuance process

  • Provision of the necessary documents, which are:
  1. Owner’s Application.
  2. Application form about the conducted operations.
  3. Reasoned technical report.
  4. Building permit copy.
  5. Ownership title with the accompanying plat.
  6. Solemn statement of the law 1599/86, if the construction was built before 1955.