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Arbitrary processing process

  1. The citizen comes into contact with the engineer and provides him some information such as:
  • Building Permits
  • Year of construction
  • If the building is declared in E9

  1. Autopsy of the engineer in the field of arbitrary construction, counting arbitrariness and compared them with any existing projects.
  2. The customer brings the necessary documents needed for the submission:
  • E9
  • Contracts
  • Public document proving that the construction was arbitrary before 28/7/2011
  • Sworn statements (provided by the engineer)

4a) The owner pays the deposit.

4b) The engineer drafts the new plans.

5) Create a unique arbitrary code.

6) For the completion of the process, the engineer posts all the necessary data into the system(platform) and then the customer pays the remaining fine depending on the payment method which he has chosen.

                 According to Law. 4178/13 the payment methods are:

  • one-off payment with 20% discount
  • Monthly installments (max. 60) with a minimum payment of 50 € / month
  • Payment of 30% of the fine with 10% discount

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