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Concept to Creation

  • About Us


Our office was formed in 1991 with the goal of producing locally-engaged, design driven, architecture according to the needs of its habitants. Our team consists of talented and dynamic engineers (civil engineers, mechanical, architects and interior engineers) that work as a unit with main purpose to make your dreams come true. We endeavor to create livable neighborhood-oriented Cycladic spaces. Our work includes diverse projects, hanging from mixed-use developments to original commercial interiors and residences. We engage each project with design sensibility to envision the big idea and the professional savvy to realize its potential. We believe that imagination should not belie common sense and each client is considered a unique human being with his own needs.


We offer a broad range of preconstruction planning and construction services specifically tailored to meet the unique requirement of each project (preliminary design, final design, detailed, tendering, technical supervision, quantity surveying, commissioning). We advocate a simple edited design palettes, using available materials and techniques to create unexpected result. We believe in the innate beauty of unadorned natural materials carefully chosen, composed and crafted. We are concerned with producing work that is functional, engaging and honest. We believe in the active collaboration between designer, client, consultant and craftsman and embrace the challenges of site and budget to inspire highly creative, cost effective solutions. We aim at making your dreams come true!

Our Team

Maria Manola-Sionta

architect engineer & interior design

Konstantina Sionta

civil engineer, Msc

Emmanouela Sionta

mechanical engineer- management & production

Stelios Siontas

mechanical engineer